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Neighborhood Watch Involvement in Organized Gang Stalking and Electronic Cause Harassment

2013-06-09 38 2 3,377 YouTube

The individuals in the community who have aided these perpetrators have certainly not made my ordeal any easier. From my own experiences, I can unequivocally say that neighbors have definitely been instrumental in allowing the continuance of this crime against my life (and my family, who hemorrhage emotionally over what is happening to me) and who I've been driven to stay with because I have become indigent due to the wearing down and destruction of this crime. To one of my diabolical neighbors in particular (mother and daughter duo): for all of the torment, angst and teasing that you were so quick to administer to me in my situation you are TWO-FACED, CRUEL and UGLY individuals inside. For all the YEARS that you allowed, deceived and aided these perpetrators in putting my mother and I through turmoil in our town home - I can only hope that God will bring around to you a situation in your life (A REAL TEST) that stretches every ounce of strength you have in you, and further adds more weight to it -- so you can FULLY understand what it feels like to be wronged. Mirror Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOGsmn1oHUY