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Ghs Children S Surgery

GHS Children's Surgery

When your child needs surgery, you want the best skilled surgeons attending to the needs of your child. Internationally recognized pediatric surgeons on the staff ...

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GHS Children's Hospital: Miracles Happen Here

At Childrens Hospital of Greenville Health System miracles are happening everyday. Watch this video to learn more about the programs and services that are ...

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GHS Children's Hospital "Miracles Happen Here"

Childrens Hospital of Greenville Health System GHS is located in Upstate South Carolina. Board-certified physicians care for more than 330000 infants, ...

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Child Life at GHS Children's Hospital

Child Life Services at Childrens Hospital makes a hospital stay less scary and more comfortable for children. Our specialists help young patients understand ...

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Annie's Surgery Adventure

Welcome to Franciscan Childrens! Annies Surgery Adventure walks you through what a patient/familys experience would be like when visiting our outpatient ...

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Superhero patients at GHS Children's Hospital

These adorable patients at GHS Childrens Hospital got to strut down the runway and become superheroes for a day! .

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Pediatric Robotic Surgery | Children's National Health System

Dr. Craig Peters, a pediatric urologist and internationally known robotic and minimally invasive surgery expert, talks about how robotic assisted surgery can be ...

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Your Child's Surgery at RMH

The thought of surgery can be scary for a child. This video explains what your child can expect - from the perspective of a young girl.

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Toy cars replace gurneys at French children's surgical ward

Children going into surgery at one French hospital are driving themselves to the operating room in tiny electric cars. The alternative to gurneys allows the ...

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Hybrid Heart Surgery at BC Children's Hospital

Doctors at BC Childrens Hospital have come up with some creative solutions to perform delicate heart surgery on young patients.

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Avrie’s Surgery Experience | Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital

Having surgery can be frightening for anyone, but its especially scary for kids who dont always understand whats going on, or what the grown-ups are saying.

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My Trip to Surgery - John Hunter Children's Hospital

Each year over 1000 children and young people require surgery at John Hunter Childrens Hospital. The surgery may be planned or unplanned due to an ...

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GHS Childrens Hospital and Clements Kindness Fund for the Children Announce Naming of Childrens Day Hospital at BI-LO Charities Childrens Cancer ...

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GHS Children's Hospital School Program - Anna Crooks

Mrs. Crooks, teacher at Childrens Hospital of Greenville Health System, helps our young patients keep up with school works while they are int he hospital.

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GHS Children’s Hospital patients receive lots of Valentines

Valentines came pouring in for pediatric patients. Subscribe to WYFF on YouTube now for more: Get more Greenville news: ...

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Miller-Dwan Children's Surgery - Essentia Health

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Surgery Day for Your Child; an Arkansas Children's Hospital Video for Parents

THE CHILDRENS ANESTHESIA PROCESS EXPLAINED There are numerous excellent videos about a childs surgery day available for kids to view. This video ...

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Child's Surgery Prep | Riley Children's Health

Katie is a nurse from the surgery team at Riley Childrens Health. She walks children and their families through what they can expect when having surgery.

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The Upstate Chapter supports GHS Children's Hospital

The credit unions in the Upstate Chapter toured the Greenville Health Systems Childrens Hospital in January. The Upstate Chapter has supported the work of ...

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Surgery at AFCH: What to Expect

If your child is coming to American Family Childrens Hospital for surgery, our friend Ivy can tell you what to expect.

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The Children's Hospital - Preparing for Outpatient Surgery

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Your Child's General Anaesthetic - Magic Milk and Squidgy Masks

Childrens patient pathway to anaesthetics and surgery created by the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

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What to expect on the day of surgery at Nicklaus Children's Hospital

This video illustrates what to expect on the day of your childs surgery at Nicklaus Childrens Hospital.

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Pediatric Surgery at Texas Children's Hospital West Campus

Pediatric surgeons at Texas Childrens Hospital West Campus perform general surgical procedures such as circumcisions, removal of foreign objects, hernia ...

18:06, Понедельник, 09 Сентябрь 2013 01:47 31944 YouTube

Seizures Lead to Pediatric Brain Surgery: Connor's Story

In 2011, four-year-old Connor said his arm kept falling asleep. Connor was experiencing seizures caused by a benign brain tumor. ABC2 cameras followed the ...

18:06, Четверг, 16 Август 2012 08:01 1784559 YouTube

Pediatric Surgery - Fargo

Questions about your childs surgery in Fargo? Come on a tour to learn what you can expect.

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Riley for GHS Children's Hospital radiothon with 98.9

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Surgery Tour for Kids (HD).mov

St. Lukes Childrens Hospital in Boise is Idahos only childrens hospital. This video provides a child with a first-hand look at what they can expect if they must ...

20:08, Понедельник, 07 Февраль 2011 03:45 73263 YouTube

Pediatric Surgery at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Connect with a specialist: Learn more about our surgery program: Already scheduled for surgery? Check out our ...

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Kidney Stones in Children: Treatment and Surgery (3 of 5)

The multidisciplinary team at The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphias Stone Center explains the medical and surgical treatment options available for pediatric ...

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Stefani Bowen - Open Heart Surgery - Children's Seattle

Pictures and video from Stefanis open heart surgery December 9, 2009.

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Thank You USC Upstate for your support of GHS Children's Hospital!

Thank You To the Phi Mu Chapter at USC Upstate for their support of Childrens Hospital of Greenville Health System!

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"Preston Had Surgery" - Akron Children's Hospital video

For an avid reader and aspiring writer like Preston Coblenz, it only seemed natural to thank the doctor who fixed his ears, Akron Childrens Hospital plastic and ...

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Preparing for Surgery at Sunrise Children's Hospital

If your child is scheduled to have surgery at Sunrise Childrens Hospital, take a few minutes and watch this video. Visit our website for more information: ...

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Tour the Pediatric OR with Operation Sneak-a-Peek

Ride along on Operation Sneak-a-Peek, your tour of the operating areas at Childrens Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock CHaD in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

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Preparing for Surgery at Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital

A group of teenagers discusses their surgery experiences at Upstate Golisano Childrens Hospital in Syracuse, NY. To learn more, visit /

22:10, Пятница, 13 Январь 2012 09:34 8063 YouTube

Amanda's Surgery Adventure: A Visit to Same Day Surgery | St. Louis Children's Hospital

Follow Amanda on her day of surgery at St. Louis Childrens Hospital. Learn from Amanda what to expect when you arrive, what to bring and what to leave at ...

19:07, Четверг, 02 Апрель 2009 04:21 494197 YouTube

Luke’s story: Laser Ablation Surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital

At three weeks old, Luke was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis, a rare disease that causes benign tumors to grow on the brain and other vital organs.

19:07, Пятница, 16 Июнь 2017 04:40 1607 YouTube

Children's Surgery International Mission at Firestone Liberia

In early 2010 and 2011, the Firestone Medical Center at Duside hosted surgeons from Childrens Surgery International for two separate surgical missions.

15:03, Вторник, 26 Апрель 2011 05:00 7987 YouTube

GHS Recruitment

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